Why Are Carbon Fiber Bikes So Expensive?

Why Are Carbon Fiber Bikes So Expensive?

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There’s no doubt that many people have seen the price of carbon fiber bikes and have shied away from them. Even aluminum-body bikes with carbon fiber road forks tend to be on the more expensive side. There’s a good reason, though: they’re better. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. Only aviation, the military and motor sports had access to this technology, but recently, manufacturers have brought it to bicycles as well.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is, in its most basic form, a natural material composed mostly of carbon atoms. Each fiber is about 5-10 micrometers and are bundled together to form a tow, which can then be used to create fabric. The fabric is further treated to make structures which make them stronger and more powerful. Its flexibility, temperature tolerance, and chemical resistance are unmatched. There has been a lot of experimentation and scientific breakthroughs for carbon fiber over the last few decades. We’ve only just scratched the surface!


Why Buy Carbon Fiber?

As said above, carbon fiber is unmatched. It has only recently been brought to the bicycle manufacturers, so it isn’t as mainstream as aluminum yet, but it’s getting there. More and more cyclist enthusiasts and athletes are recognizing the benefits of the material. While some may try to deter you from purchasing the latest and greatest, the carbon fiber bikes are the future. Its potential is greater than any other material on the market and is steadily building toward more breakthroughs.

The biggest draws of carbon fiber bikes are the lightness, weather resistance, impact resistance, and flexibility. The weight takes pounds (or kilograms) off the bicycle itself. Weather resistance means being able to leave your bike outside for extended periods of time without worry. Impact resistance will make your ride comfortable and safe over many terrains. Flexibility is just as important! It saves your bike from harsh stiffness that could cause discomfort and possible damage to your prized possession.

Where to Buy Carbon Fiber!

There are quite a few manufacturers who produce bikes, but it’s rare to find direct sales. Bike producers like BEIOU or Schwinn will be found on places like Amazon or various other websites. If you’re unsure of which to buy, there are plenty of websites that explain things in more detail. There are many variations of carbon fiber bicycles in the world, so we’ve assisted in narrowing down a few of our favorites.

Since some carbon fiber bikes are expensive, it’s a big investment. It’s well worth it, though! These bikes are the future and you’ll see more and more throughout the next decade. The best thing you can do is start ahead and become an expert on this wonderful material. It has been used in aerospace and military projects alike, so be sure to not let these fantastic bikes get past you.