Best Bike Rack

Best Bike Rack

When you start cycling you soon begin to realize how much of your daily routine and conveniences are taken up by your bike. Being able to safely store your bike during the time that you are not riding it is absolutely critical and one of the best tools that you can use for this is a proper bike rack. A bike rack helps to keep your bike in one upright position and it takes away any chances of the bike being knocked over. You need to have a bike rack that suits the lifestyle that you have. Here are a couple of bike rack styles that you may want to consider.

Standing Rack

A standing rack is a fairly straightforward thing. It is simply a rack that you park the front wheel in. This is in addition to using your bike’s kick stand. You may think that a bike rack this is a waste of money. After all, you could just put up your bike’s kick stand and lean it against a wall and not worry, right? Wrong. When you do that you put unnecessary strain on your bike’s kick stand as well as other components such as the chain. By utilizing a real bike rack you taking that strain off of the other components of your bike.

5 Bike Floor Rack

You would probably be hard pressed to find a single cyclist who owns more than two bicycles. By that logic it probably seems like a stretch to recommend a rack that can hold five bicycles. However, that makes this rack a fantastic boon for the family with multiple cyclists, both kid and adult.

Racor Two-Bike Floor Stand

This bike rack makes a bit more sense for the single cyclist. It is incredibly simple, storing only two bicycles. It’s perfect if you’re single, have a partner with a bicycle, or if you simply have two bicycles.

Car Rack

If you are the kind of person who is always on the go then having a car rack just might be the thing that you need. A car rack offers a whole new world of convenience for cyclists because it enables you to take your bike anywhere at all. If you like to have a quick ride after work your bike is already mounted up. If you are out and about and the urge to get on the bike happens to strike then you can do that. Best of all, it gives you a mode of transportation if you are ever traveling and, for whatever reason, your car breaks down. You will have a mode of transportation so that you can ride off and get some help in a more timely manner.

Allen Sports 5 Bike Car Rack

As with the standing rack, a five bike rack might stretch the limits of practicality but this could be the perfect bike rack tot he large family that likes to bike together while on the go. It is especially ideal for trips. Alternatively it could be great for a bike collector who needs to transport more than one bike at a time.

Allen Sports Two Bike Car Rack

As with the previous two bike rack, this one is clearly the more sensible option for the cyclist who is living on their own or is the only one in their family who takes part in cycling.

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